PARTNER Resource Materials


Technical Manual

The PARTNER Technical Manual partnered with the PARTNER software provides a tool for public health collaboratives to measure and monitor collaborative activity over time.


Two-page PARTNER Tool handout.


Use this spreadsheet to upload all of your respondent information. When you have it completely filled out, delete the first row, save it as a text file, and then log in to your PARTNER manager section and click on the “List People/Orgs”. Follow the instructions to upload this information.


The questions that make up the PARTNER survey are listed in this spreadsheet. Some of the questions are modifiable, and some are not. Column B in the spreadsheet lists whether the questions are modifiable. Some will say “no” in this column only because the responses are required to match the responses in the previous questions (for example, #6 depends on #5). Questions #11 and #12 are the “relational” questions, those that you will ask partners to respond to about the other partners in your collaborative. It is important to think through what you want to ask for these two questions and make them fit your collaborative. Before moving on to other parts of using the PARTNER tool, you should spend time thinking through these questions and determining how to modify them for your collaborative. Once you have personalized this spreadsheet, you can input these questions in the PARTNER survey under the “Define Survey” tab.

These web demos, each 3-5 minutes long, walk you through the entire process of using PARTNER.

Web Demo 1: PARTNER Tool Overview

Web Demo 2: Intro to Social Network Analysis

Web Demo 3: Social Network Analysis Applies with PARTNER

Web Demo 4: Using PARTNER: Registration & Uploading Respondent Information

Web Demo 5: Using PARTNER: Customizing your Survey

Web Demo 6: Using PARTNER: Inviting Respondents to Take the Survey

Web Demo 7: Using PARTNER: Sending a Reminder to Respondents

Web Demo 8: Using PARTNER: Downloading your Data

Web Demo 9: Using PARTNER for Quality Improvement



Our full hour-long webinars give a more indepth look at PARTNER.

This first webinar will give you an overview of all you’ll need to know to get started on the tool.

This second webinar is our recorded demo of the PARTNER tool.

Also available below are slides in one per page and three per page versions.

In this simulation, the network theory and Social Network Analysis (SNA) are applied to examine the organizational networks in public health partnerships. SNA and network theory is applied to operationalize a set of measurable dimensions that can be used to evaluate the strength of PHCs and the connections (or connectivity) among partner organizations. Connectivity is defined as the measured interactions between partners in a collaborative such as the amount and quality of interactions, and how these relationships might change over time. The simulation has a brief overview of SNA to allow students to become familiar with the concept and language. However, the readings from the “recommended reading” list below can help students get familiar and prepare to participate in this simulation.