ASPEN Tools & Services: Pricing & Payment 

When you buy ASPEN products, you buy a full start-to-finish project - beginning with simple ways to collect rich data on complex systems and ending with data visualization, expert insight, and a whole new community of peers to connect with!

“The Visible Network Labs team and tools are incredibly powerful in helping to map partnerships and collaborative networks. The tools are user-friendly and the team is always there to help troubleshoot and interpret results.”
— Rachel Hogg Graham, National Coordinating Center for Public Health Services & Systems Research

By using Aspen, you not only get access to easy to modify surveys and tools to collect your data, but that data automatically feeds into comprehensive data analysis tools. - that’s right, you never have to struggle with setting up complicated data files to see your network maps and get a full analysis of your networks across multiple dimensions! Your data are secure on our HIPPA compliant Google Cloud severs, accessible through our searchable data dashboards (coming soon!). Reports and technical assistance and consulting are available for additional fees. Our users often engage in our community discussion forum, where expert users are often available for consultation and connection. The PARTNER team is available to run your entire project, start to finish, with our expertise in collection and analyzing your data, and our partnership approach in helping you build strategies and actions steps. You can round off your experience by attending a Network Leadership training to learn to build, manage, and evaluate your networks. Please contact us at to discuss pricing and details. 


PARTNER Tool - Start to Finish Organizational Network Data Collection, Visualization, and Analysis Tool

If you have not already, make sure you register as a PARTNER user online at

PARTNER provides the tools you need to collect your network data, visualize the structure and connections in your network, and analyze the quality of relationships among members of the network. It includes an online survey program and an analysis tool and unlike any other tool on the market, you never have to deal with figuring out how to construct a complicated data file. PARTNER makes it ridiculously easy to conduct a start-to-finish network analysis!

More info on purchasing PARTNER is located past the payment form.

Network Survey and Analysis Tool
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About the Network Survey and Analysis Tool: When you buy a license to use PARTNER, you invest in an entire organizational network analysis project. This gives you access to the PARTNER default survey tool, online system to make data collection easy, data storage, automated data cleaning (that’s right, you never have to configure any data!), and a comprehensive data visualization and analysis tool.

About Reports: Two report options are available: Full Report (with default survey Qs 1-19) and Highlights. 

  • Full Report: Neat and concise report with all data including Quality Improvement (QI) questions following each section. This report summarizes all of your data into a word document. You will have to customize the report when you get it with details from your own project. This option allows you to spend your time diving right into your results without having to spend the hours and work putting the data into a report. With this report, you can use the QI questions and start to think strategically about your data.

  • Highlights Doc: This is a more condensed, summarized version of the full collaborative report, highlighting only the primary findings (typically 2-3 pages long).

Typical turnaround time for these reports is about 5 business days depending on availability of PARTNER staff and project deadlines. When you are ready for your report, please email Batch rate only applies when 10 or more is purchased in the same order.


Person-Centered Network App Pre-Sale - Become a legacy user!

The PCN App licenses will be available in February 2019. In preparation, we are offering a special pre-sale deal for the purchase of the first set of annual licenses. For more information, email: for more info.

Training & Workshops: Leverage specialized training, insight, and peer support within a global community of network professionals.  

I’ve learned so much from the team at Visible Network Labs over the past year. I’ve been to their trainings, read their blog posts and watch their webinars.”
— Kate Kingery, County Health Rankings & Roadmaps

The VNL Team Can Support Your Project

Through evaluation, technical assistance, consulting, and network leadership training, our team can help to support your projects and help to build your capacity to translate data to practice. Email us at for more info.


Terms of Use:

1) The mission for the PARTNER tool is to build capacity for users. The fee structure is in place to keep PARTNER sustainable and available so that practitioners/communities with limited resources can use this resource on their own. If you are an evaluator, or are getting paid to use PARTNER, please contact us to discuss this fee structure. We charge additional fees to paid evaluators in an effort to keep PARTNER available for use. We also offer additional technical assistance and Quality Improvement applications of PARTNER on a contract basis.

2) By using PARTNER, you agree that your data can be included in the larger PARTNER dataset. Your data are only identifiable to the PARTNER Tool team and approved partners (no organization names are made public without expressed permission, which can be given by the manager or the organization that answered the survey). Organizations may be displayed on the data dashboards as coded nodes in network maps. All data are grouped into one large dataset that is used for network research and general knowledge on networks, and to feed into the online data dashboards. The Colorado Multiple Institute Review Board (COMIRB) approved use of the PARTNER data as a secondary data set under the Protocol #11-0098, “Assessing Partnerships in Public Health Collaboratives: Analyzing a Secondary Data Set from PARTNER (Program to Analyze, Record, and Track Networks to Enhance Relationships)”. Exclusion to include your data in the larger data set does not prohibit use of the PARTNER tool. Please notify us at to discuss excluding your data from the larger dataset.


1) After you have paid to use PARTNER, we cannot provide a refund. 2) Your collaborative will expire 1 year after purchase. If you wish to access your collaborative after the year expires, you will have the option to renew, at no charge.

3) The fee charged is to get access to use PARTNER. No additional technical assistance is provided for those collaboratives, other than assistance with technical issues related to using PARTNER (for example, but not limited to, user/respondent log in issues, respondent upload issues, survey functioning issues, data upload issues, etc.). The fee charged is simply for use of the tool as part of the sustainability plan to continue to make PARTNER available to users. For any additional TA requested by the user, standard hourly rates apply. For the fee, you will receive the ability to: enter respondent information, set up your survey in your collaborative, analyze data, and administer the PARTNER survey. After the survey is administered, you can download your survey results (by saving the file after selecting Analyze Results) and upload the data into the PARTNER tool (available under Analysis Tool).