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As more organizations and communities collaborate, how to measure, evaluate, and use data from community networks can be a challenging endeavor. PARTNER is the leading tool for evaluating cross-sector community networks. Used by over 2500 communities, it is the only tool that collects data through a validated, yet customizable survey that is linked to an easy to use, accessible network analysis tool. The tool makes the difficult task of social network analysis survey design and analysis simple and straightforward. The data collected through PARTNER can help you assess a network’s strength and impact, and make evidence-based decisions for effectively managing and improving your network’s outcomes.

If you have wanted to learn how to use the PARTNER tool or brush up on your skills but need some extra support, this online workshop is right for you. The sessions are designed to walk you through the steps for administering a PARTNER survey from start to finish, spaced with enough time in between each session to allow you to complete the steps necessary to follow along in the sessions with your own project. Participants will also have the opportunity to ask questions and receive technical assistance from the PARTNER team.

The online workshop series consists of the following four sessions. You can sign up for all or some of the sessions. Please note that the PARTNER tool only works on PC computers, not macs. 

  • Session 1 (Sept 13, 10-12pm MT) will cover an intro to social network analysis and the PARTNER tool.

  • Session 2 (Oct 11, 10-12pm MT) will provide all the guidance and tools you will need to set up and adminiser your survey including how to bound your network list and customize your survey.

  • Session 3 (Nov 15, 10-12pm MT) will go through data cleaning and analysis.

  • Session 4 (Dec 13, 10-12pm MT) will go through how to translate the data into practice.

Interested in learning more about facilitating and managing your network? Check out our September 27-28 network leadership workshop in Denver.

Registration & Pricing

Each session is $150. If you register for 2 or more session, you will receive $25 off each session. Registration includes one free use of the PARTNER tool. If these dates do not work for you, you can register and pay to receive the workshop recording after each session is complete.


If you have any questions, please email Malinda Mochizuki at learning@visiblenetworklabs.com