PARTNER Analysis Tool

The PARTNER Analysis Tool is programmed within Excel, making it easy to access, share, and utilize.

PLEASE NOTE that as of May 2012, a new PARTNER survey (containing 19 or more questions) and new PARTNER Analysis Tool were launched. If you conducted a survey containing only 18 questions, then you will need to use the earlier version. If you implemented a survey after May 2012, then you will need to use the newest version. BE SURE to select the correct analysis tool to conduct your analysis.  You will use one of the following Microsoft Excel files to run your analysis:

Once you upload your data into the PARTNER tool, you will need to “Enable Content”. You can do this by choosing “Options” at the top of the Excel file, and then selecting “Enable Content”.  We recommend that you save the empty PARTNER file to your hard drive, then save each PARTNER dataset with a new name as you upload them into your PARTNER tool. If you are just getting started, please register as a manager on the home page, and follow the instructions in the Technical Manual to administer your PARTNER survey.

If you are using Excel 2003, follow these instructions to use the tool:

1) Go to Tools ->Macros -> Security and select “medium” as your setting
2) Close down Excel entirely and then reopen it. Excel should show a Security Warning. Select “Enable Macros”.
If you have trouble with this, close down everything and start over. Sometimes Excel just needs to restart from scratch to work.

For help with these files, please email