The Visible Network Labs team brings over ten years of experience as network scientists,  evaluators, and technologists with a track record of building and scaling services and technology for communities (read Our Story). The founding team is supported by a diverse network of mentors and advisors who support growth and impact. 

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Danielle Varda, PhD

CEO and Co-Founder

Danielle leads the VNL team, and spends much of her time building partnerships, managing the team resources and opportunities, and staying on top of customer needs and current system needs. In collaboration with her team, she leads the strategic direction and vision for the future of the company. She is the lead fundraiser, a regular keynote speaker, and the mother of three spirited girls.


Sara Sprong, MPA

COO and Co-Founder

Sara is responsible for keeping the VNL operations running smoothly. She keeps our finances straight, our systems running in synchronization, and our company in compliance. She was a champions of the roll out and adoption of the PARTNER tool, successfully achieving adoption in all 50 states. She provides amazing customer service and support while keeping tabs on all the moving parts of the organization to be sure they all sync up.


Mike Cooper, BA

Director of Engineering

Mike has been with VNL for 10 years, starting out as a student and moving easily into the role of chief engineer a decade later. Mike has been the brain behind the development of the PARTNER Tool and PCN App, working tirelessly to ensure that our complex data environments all work together to provide high quality user tools, complex data analytics, and a constant desire to be sure our customers are never without immediate technical support.


Malinda Mochizuki, MPA

Director of Community Partnerships and Training

Malinda is the link between VNL and the suite of training, workshops, and events that our customers desire. She manages outreach, coordinates an endless amount of ongoing requests from partners and customers, and keeps the team up to date on the ways to integrate and collaborate with our community partners. Malinda is a logistics extraordinaire with a specialty in curriculum development.


Stephanie Bultema, MA

Senior Research Scientist

Stephanie is our lead researcher, specializing in network analysis, research design, and application. She also directs the Network Science Fellowship. Stephanie has a long history working in the public health sector, giving her a special ability to translate data to practice. She brings creativity, innovation, and knowledge of the latest data analysis systems to VNL. All this while earning her PhD!

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Luke Klifman, MPA

Project Manager and Lead Network Data Manager

Luke is our lead network data manager. He manages the PARTNER Data Management project and is an integral part of the Network Science Fellowship - both by participating as a fellow and helping to direct its operations. Luke works to improve our processes, keeps our programs and projects running smoothly, and contributes his public practice-oriented perspective to our work.

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Marketing Coordinator

Alex helps maintain and coordinate our online presence and SEO across numerous channels, aligning our marketing strategies with our company priorities and values. He also supports our research and evaluation efforts through data analysis and visualization, while assisting with coordinating and promoting our training workshops and events. He is currently working on his MPA with a concentration in environmental policy & management.