Visible Network Labs is a data science company run by a team with a long history of service delivery and product development.

This experience building technology that is easily adopted into workflows, and engaging thousands of communities is the basis for Aspen, the network intervention platform that drives health changes from the individual to the systems  level.

After spending three years as a policy scientist at the RAND Corporation, CEO and Co-founder Danielle Varda, PhD, spent the last 10 years at the University of Colorado Denver as a tenured professor, researching the impacts of social networks on health outcomes. She built a team (including current team members and co-founders Sara Sprong and Mike Cooper) and created the Center on Network Science. The team built and scaled an organizational network analysis survey tool called PARTNER, that has been used by over 2,500 customers across 40 countries.  The Center also hosts workshops and a popular annual Network Leadership Conference.

After years of adoption of the PARTNER tool in communities, a large and one-of-a-kind database of information about the relationships between organizations in the healthcare and wellness ecosystem now lives inside the Aspen platform. This data is the foundation of the Aspen Platform, and is the building block for developing strategies and actions for strengthening the network of partners in communities working hard to provide whole networks of care for people and populations.  Machine learning, based on our proprietary algorithms identify opportunities and gaps across systems.

Momentum from the PARTNER tool and insights generated through research and customer interviews led to the generation of a new feature of Aspen for helping professionals to identify and leverage the personal support networks of their clients. The Person Centered Network App, the first offering of the Personal Resiliency Lab, brings the network approach to an individual level by determining who helps people with their care - friends, family, etc. - and what needs remain unmet. This helps target care plans and leverage the strengths of individuals as a part of their own wellness. After getting accepted into the Innovators Society in 2016, the team went on to get their first investment in the app, leading to the first beta version which is currently being piloted in organizations across the country.

Visible Network Labs was established in 2018, after winning full ownership of all IP developed in prior years. The company was accepted into the Boomtown business accelerator program and used the opportunity to launch of a pilot of the Person-Centered Network App and develop a financial and product strategy for scaling Aspen.

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