Welcome to The Connected Community Lab!

The community of Aspen tool users are a fantastic group of people and organizations working hard to build connections in communities to address complex social problems. We are amazed by the depth of knowledge and passion in this community and are providing this space for our tool users, attendees to our workshops and events, clients, trainers, speakers, and friends to meet to share ideas, knowledge, and get to know one another.

Coming Soon - The Connected Community Forum

Our forum acts as a digital commons, making space for helping professionals to engage with each other and build community online. This is the hub for peer support, for asking questions of and sparking curiosity in your colleagues -- where people can be both experts and seekers while exploring the trends, challenges, and possibilities that impact our networks. A core offering of our Connected Community Lab suite, the forum breaks down silos and provides a platform to learn from our fellow network aficionados from different disciplines on pertinent topics we have in common. We’re greater than the sum of our parts.  Please check back soon for the launch of the Connected Community Lab forum - to be launched in November 2018!