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At Visible Network Labs,  we provide all of the tools, technologies, and services that anyone needs to successfully implement and assess a network intervention.  Network interventions are the intentional act of bringing together diverse cross-sector partners to impact a social or health outcome. Many people today find themselves engaged in the “network way of working”- for example, as a leader of a cross-sector community network, a social worker connecting a client to resources, or a policy maker identifying expansion opportunities for a state-wide health initiative. There is also increasing awareness of the importance of personal support networks - like friends and family - as a core component of individual health and well-being. The rise of network approaches in recent years includes collective impact models, restorative justice initiatives, Accountable Health Communities, peer support communities for mental health, and much more.

The network way of working is based on a fundamental belief that collectively we can achieve more than any one can achieve alone.

Our network intervention platform Aspen equips the wellness and healthcare ecosystem to leverage the impact of social support networks, providing data collection and analysis tools to track social support networks at the individual, organizational, and systems levels.