About the Learning Lab

The VNL Learning Lab is the space where we gather our partners and customers in trainings and workshops to share best practices for expanded impact and real-world examples in the practice called Network Leadership.

“The Network Leadership Training Academy was my greatest experience for professional growth and new learning this year. It was exhilarating to discover other network leaders who were dealing with the same issues we wrestle with. We found many resources and sessions highly applicable to our work. We learned how network mapping could provide practical benefits to understand network dynamics. We strongly recommend the NLTA to others seeking to lead networks effectively: Your community of peers and a rich source of learning await you!”

Current 2019 Workshops & Training


See why these past Network Leadership Training Academy participants chose to attend, what they learned, and what their highlight was at last year's event!


The NLW is a two-day fall workshop with a smaller cohort to allow for a more intensive, hand-on training experience. Led by a small group of network practitioners with diverse backgrounds and skill-sets, the Workshop gives participants the opportunity to focus on areas of most interest to the group. Past topics of discussion include:

  • Creating a Culture of Collaboration

  • Emotional Intelligence & Leadership

  • Group Power Dynamics

  • Telling your Network Story

  • Network Evaluation Consulting


The NLTA is our flagship training program. In its 7th year, this seminar brings together more than 100 network professionals to learn how to build, manage and evaluate cross-sector networks more effectively! Each year, more than a dozen experts in the field join us to present and participate in panels on a variety of topics. Past sessions at the the NLTA include:

  • Building a Culture of Collaboration

  • Adaptive Leadership & Governing Processes

  • Using Data to inform Strategy

  • Visualizing your Network Story

The next NLTA is April 15-17, 2019 in Denver, CO.


The PARTNER Tool Online Workshop is a online workshop serieswith PARTNER Creator, Dr. Danielle Varda. Learn how to use the PARTNER tool, analyze your data, and visualize the structure and quality of your network’s connections. Also understand how to use this data to inform your network leadership strategies.


The PCN App Workshop will explore how to use the PCN App in a clinical or client-based setting to help map social support networks and fill the gaps.

The Person Centered Network App remains in Beta testing and is not yet publicly available. Once the App is public, a workshop date will be announced to support our App users.

“I found my people! This further intensifies my interest in network science! Leaving the NLTA, I feel uplifted and genuinely connected and really respect VNL for what you do an how you do it!”

“I so appreciate and value all the workshop facilitators, the diverse backgrounds, knowledge, wisdom, and personalities they brought to the table, as well as their time! As well as the safe space they were able to create. I felt so comfortable, safe, supported and inspired to share my stories and speak my truth!”