Coming Soon - Data Dashboard to Store and Analyze All Your Data

We are proud to announce that you will soon have access to online data dashboards, including visualizations, analysis tools, and report export functions. The Aspen Dashboard will integrate data from all of the tools in one place, and provide a platform to allow you to benchmark your results against others in the database. 

Aspen brings all of yourdata together in a way that’s easy for organizations to use. Every time a person is screened and a care plan is created, or a social network survey is administered, Aspen stores the data, giving the provider,  or an entire health care system, a data dashboard to track trends at the individual, organizational or population health level. The Aspen Dashboard is located on a HIPPA compliant Google Cloud server. Your data will be private to you, at the individual, organizational, or regional/county/state levels. 

With Aspen, organizations can develop targeted health strategies which results in greater patient safety and satisfaction, provider efficiency; and reduced system costs.