Aspen is a comprehensive platform that provides the technology and network analysis tools needed so that organizations, funders, and providers can  map out both personal and organizational networks, spot the breakdowns, and create action plans to fill in the gaps and strengthen social connectedness for people.

Our social, health, and economic ecosystems are increasingly becoming more and more connected. These connections have advantages, leading to entire interventions focused on building an interconnected network of people and organizations to achieve better health and well-being for everyone. After years of working in the network science field, we’re creating Aspen. It’s the only network intervention platform on the market that has a comprehensive data platform and the network analysis tools organizations, people, and communities need to track how networks change over time. For organizations or people, this means that everything about that their interactions can be connected, including existing data and information (e.g. medical information), provider information, referrals, and other captured data.



The Partner tool

The PARTNER Tool allows organizations to track their connections among one another, using social network analysis and network science principles. The user begins by modifying our validated survey, then uses our online data collection platform, and end with an easy to use analysis tool.


Person-centered network app

The PCN App empowers a person to draw their social connections, identifying their personal strengths and potential gaps. The tool is interactive and encourages the person to identify their social determinant of health needs, from their own perspectives, identifies levels of risk, and then offers solutions for individuals to connect with resources to strengthen their social connectedness.


data dashboards

The Aspen Dashboard will integrate data from all of the tools in one place, and provide a platform to allow you to benchmark your results against others in the database.  The Aspen Dashboard is located on a HIPPA compliant Google Cloud server.


Learning Lab

The VNL Learning Lab is the space where we gather with our partners and customers in trainings and workshops to share best practices for expanded impact and real-world examples in the practice called Network Leadership.


Connected communities lab

The Connected Communities lab is the portal to our community of network leaders, researchers and practitioners. The Lab’s Forum is a vital resource for sharing resources, best practices and ideas, and developing relationships with those tackling similar problems and complexities in the “network way of working”.