Aspen provides the technology and tools needed so that organizations, funders, and providers can  map out both personal and organizational networks, spot the breakdowns, and create action plans to fill in the gaps and strengthen network connections.

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The healthcare ecosystem is increasingly becoming more and more connected. These connections have advantages, leading to entire interventions focused on building an interconnected network of people and organizations to achieve better health for everyone.  Aspen is the only network intervention platform on the market that starts every interaction with the patient at the center. From that starting point, everything about that patient can be connected, including existing data and information (e.g. medical information), provider information, referrals, and other captured data.

When a provider uses one of our complementary tools, additional family-centered data can be linked. One such tool is the Person-Centered Network App, which empowers a patient to draw their social connections, identifying their personal strengths and potential gaps. The tool is interactive and encourages the patient to tell the story of their care needs, from their own perspectives.

Another feature is the PARTNER tool, which allows organizations to track their connections among one another. Together, these this suite of tools, technologies, and data to make sure that no one is left without the social support they need

One of the top predictors of health outcomes, is the quality of our social support networks.   Social supports are the 1) people who bring you crutches,  2) drive you to the doctor, 3) and that you call at the end of a hard day. And they are also schools, work, and church. Together they make up our “whole network” of support.

The problem is that these networks are largely invisible, not only to ourselves, but also to the people who care for us, like our doctors, therapists, and other caregivers, making it impossible for them to know when someone needs extra help. Imagine if technology could give new voice to the way that a doctor could talk to their patients about their social support networks, and get the data they quickly need to fill gaps.

Aspen is a network intervention platform that provides all the tools, technologies, and services needed to ensure that everyone has the social support they need for health and well-being.

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Connected Communities Lab

The Connected Communities Lab focuses on tools for organizational network analysis, including the popular PARTNER Tool.

Personal Resiliency

Personal Resiliency Lab

The Personal Resiliency Lab offers solutions for individual network analysis and identification of social support systems, including the new Person-Centered Network App.

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Strategies & Action Lab

The Strategies & Action Lab brings together systems data and premium consulting services to understand systems-level trends and opportunities for improved collaboration.